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You Dumbass!
Hello everyone! Sorry that my first post is a sales post, but I need some quick income!

<< GIANT Jrock/Visual Kei CD & Merch Sale!  (Era: 1993~2008) >>

• Aliene Ma'riage
• bis
• Chaos System
• D
• D'espairsRay
• Deflina Ma'riage
• Duel Jewel
• Eliphas Levi
• Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A
• Inugami Circus-dan
• Kabukicho Knight
• Kagerou
• KEY PARTY (Record Label)
• Milphinne
• Nega
• NeiL
• NOi'X
• Noir fleurir
• Phylia
• Plastic Tree
• Schwarz Stein
• Sugar
• Syndrome
• Vinett

• Yukihiro Fujimura (Chachamaru)

• Cure Magazine (JP Ver.)
• ROCK ON J Magazine
• SHOXX Magazine


If interested, you may comment here on this post (at LiveJournal), on the actual sale post (at Facebook), or PM me either place!

GSJ Feedback (Buyer)  |  eBay Feedback (Buyer/Seller)
21st-Jan-2010 10:17 pm - Revival?
Hello everyone!
I've been thinking about starting to update the community, starting fresh~
is anyone still watching/interested?

17th-Sep-2009 05:30 am - Sales plug
Hi! Just lettin' everyone know that I'm selling a buttload of rare old demotapes and VHS' on my LJ(among tons of other things) linky. Oh.. and we're totally not dead ;( I've just been busy with college and Unmeinomayoi's computer died.
1st-Jul-2009 03:46 pm - Mod Message
Hey guys,
sorry I haven't been updating. My computer's had problems and I havent been able to use it. So for now, my posting is officially on hiatus. but if you want to post to keep this place alive for now, please consult with the other mods. :D

Thank you.
21st-Jun-2009 02:44 pm - Mazhoysteria - singles

These guys were a great Anarchist Records band. Ruiji is currently bassist of THE DEAD P☆P STARS and often in ∀NTI FEMINISM, and one of their guitarists, 遥, is now a member of emmurée.

Here are a few distributed CD's that i hope/believe are rare, not anymore.

enjoy em guys.

[199_.__.__] two loves

[1996.12.27] Welcome to my TERRITORY (Distributed CD)

[1996.__.__] Dear... (Distributed Demotape)
「Dali」 苓 Ⅳ
OK, Dué le quartz isn't a rare or unknown band by any means. Still, they fit the theme of this community and they put out some really great stuff. Dué le quartz is about as Matina as PS COMPANY gets. And this tape was such a pain to rip that I just had to share it.

Rob Song. 2001.5.25 大阪難波ロケッツCollapse )
7th-Jun-2009 07:21 pm - [Request] Dagger Remain
Dominique Persi
Hi guys !

I would like to know if someone has anything by the band Dagger Remain... I have very few info about them, but I know it was the former band of 3 members who are (or have been) in 新興宗教楽団NoGoD. I always wanted to hear what they sounded like, since I like Nogod's music a lot! Here is their Grass Thread page :

Other than this page, all I could find about them is that picture of Danchou, the vocalist. His "name" was Kotarou at this time.

If you have any of their CDs, or even just songs, I would be really grateful if you could share ^_^
Thank you !
27th-May-2009 03:22 pm - + Luecie +
+ Ingenuous +

Hello everyone!^^
A friend told me about this community as a community focusing more on old or very unknown band, so I decide o post a request!=D
As a huge fan of Dolly, I am of course very curious about the band Luecie, which was the band of the Dolly member before forming Dolly. It's suppose to be darker and I want to hear that!XD
So the line up is the same of Dolly except Tsuguki and the fact that mitsu was singing under the name of Kaede at this moment...^^
It's by the way so hard to find...-_-
Thanks in advance if you I have something and could share it!OO
26th-May-2009 02:19 pm - Vasalla Special on Tainted Reality
A friend of mine has a radio show called Pink Symphonic. It focuses mostly on the early 90's bands and bands with a similar sound. Tonight we're doing a special on Vasalla which I will be guest hosting.

Please tune into Tainted Reality tonight at 8:00 Eastern Time!
28th-Apr-2009 12:54 am - Angel+Dust, Balsamic, and Beata
These aren't my rips. It's stuff I downloaded around '06 and '07 that I haven't really seen around since. The sites I got the stuff from have since been closed, so I don't recall who uploaded them. If these are yours or you know where they came from, let me know.

Angel+Dust, Balsamic, and BeataCollapse )
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